Nabe Al Meena Contracting Company

Nabe Al Meena Vision:

To arrive at a local private sector company that is able to provide International standard of services and products.

Nabe Al Meena Mission:

To explore and seize the available opportunities in Iraq and be one of the pioneers in the fields we major in by investing the company’s technical experience, manpower, time and assets in projects that will participate in developing the country and emerging it into the global economy while utilizing the country’s resources.


Nabe Al Meena goals:

To achieve the mission we are set out for, this company must achieve the list of goals in guidance of the company vision and regulations. There goals are as follows:

1-   Set up internal systems and standards that enable the company to more towards its Mission.

2-   To build the technical capacity of the staff and local site labor by continuous knowledge transfer and utilizing all possible means of training.

3-   Achieve the completion of the projects the company engages in , at highest International technical standards with provision of “top of the line” equipment and machinery.

4-   Maintain site and office staff safety and security

5-   Maintain a cultural sensitive approach while implementing the projects.

6-   Maintain real-time quality control on and off site to maximize the impact of work efficiency, accuracy and steady progress.

7-   Achieve completion and handover o the project to the client within the time frame set for the project.

8-   Engaging the end-user’s of the projects in every step of the project works and conducting operation and maintenance hands-on training as a final phase of each project.



Nabe al meena Contracting Company was formed in 2003 by a group of ex-CARE International employees. Our company undertakes construction and rehabilitation work in the water, sewage, general construction, concrete supply and design. The team is made up of engineers from a variety of disciplines including: architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, concrete and quality control engineers, technicians and managerial staff that have worked together since 1998. While working for CARE we had direct responsibility for the construction and rehabilitation of water and sewerage installations, the replacement of potable water networks, sewage piping systems and construction and rehabilitation of hospitals and primary healthcare centers.

Since 1998, this team of highly qualified technical and managerial staff has accomplished 147 projects in the Water and General Construction Sectors in 12 Governorates as detailed below.

Since 2003, the company has engaged in more than 20 projects in 8 Governorates with a magnitude exceeding %50 Million.

We have completed projects with the Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities and public works, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water Resources and International Companies and Organizations such as the UN-Food and Agriculture Organization, Flour-Emec Inc and Weston Solutions Company all of which have commended and highly praised this company for its outstanding level of performance and technical disciplines reflected by the successful completion of these projects.

Nabe Al Meena Technical Experience and Capacities:

Nabe al meena Contracting Company has already proved its upper hand in the field of construction water and sewage works, through the strict implementation of International Standards and use of “top of the line” equipment and material through its project.

In October of 2007, nabe al meena completed Baladrouze Water Treatment Plant in Diyala Governorate – Iraq. This project was one of three similar projects which were executed simultaneously by three different companies. Despite the fact that all three projects were handed over to the client, Baladrouze WTP is the only one of the three WTP’s which passed the full test run period and still operating to date.



Major Filed of Experience:

Although Contracting Company majors in the below listed fields, it has the technical ability and experience to engage in any project related to construction, rehabilitation, repairs and supply of material and equipment.

-       Water treatment plants (Construction and Rehabilitation)

-       Reverse Osmoses Purification Systems

-       Sewage treatment Plants

-       Electrical Power Transformer Installations

-       Warehouses, Steel Structures, Hangers and Storage Facilities

-       Ready mix Concrete Provision and supply

-       Elevated Potable Water storage tanks

-       Ground storage tanks

-       Potable water compact units (construction and rehabilitation)

-       Potable water networks and conveyance Pipelines

-       Compact unit type sewage treatment plants

-       Sewage networks and main trunk pipelines

-       Storm water evacuation networks

-       Storm water pumping stations

-       Residential and administrative facility construction

-       Equipment, material and machinery importing

-       Civil, architect, electrical and mechanical designing and consultations

-       Project estimation, pricing and budgeting activities

-       Power generation supply and installations


Nabe al Meena’s ready Mix Batch Plants:

Nabe al meena is supported by its own concrete batching Plants and Delivery equipment with a highly experienced team of engineers and operators who facilitate the provision of ready mixed concrete to the project site locations as per the concrete specifications required for each job.

The equipment is always in 100% readiness to be mobilized to the new projects and site locations.


Nabe al Meena Past Performance:

Over the last 10 years nabe al meena Contracting Company has completed 147 projects in 12 Governorates. These projects were distributed as the below chart.

There projects covered the fields of Water and Sewage Treatment, Electrical Power Sub-stations, Potable and Sewage water pipelines and networks, pumping stations, reverse osmosis water purification plants, compact units, residential, PHC, Hospital, school, and general construction, elevated storage tanks, provision of ready mix concrete and power generation projects. Below is the distribution of projects over the project fields indicated above.

In October of 2007 nabe al meena completed Baladrouze water treatment project. Phase I of this project was funded and administrated by Flour-AMEC from August 2005 to June 2006. Page II of the project was funded and administrated by the PCO_GRD and the MMPW in light of the special Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities from July 2006 to October 2007.

This is the only functioning water treatment plant of three similar projects executed during the same period. The other have been completed and handed over to the client but not fully functioning.

During the 775 days of works on this project 2,183,300 man-hours were by the client as “A state of art and Technical Professionalism”.

The project was to Construct and Install a new water treatment plant including all supply of concrete mix and the construction of all administrative buildings and facilities.

All mechanical, electrical and civil works included the installation of 4 elevated storage tanks and 20Km of ductile iron transmission pipeline.

In September of 2007, nabe almeena was contracted by the GRD to supply and install a 132/33KV (16MVA) Power Connection sub-station in Baladrouze-Diyala.

The project included the laying of 3000 ML of 33KV armored cable and construction sub-station operation and administration building.

The 573,600 man-hour project was performed to the highest technical standards. Once again the performance of nabe al meena was highly commended by the client especially when taken into consideration the volatile and disturbed security situation that shrouded the area and specifically the vicinity of the site location.

Two irrigation pumping stations were subject to rehabilitation and installation of new pumps and electrical boards in Thi-Qar and Babil.

This 198,000 Man-Hour project was execute for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO-UN).

The new 2.7 m3 per second capacity pumps for both sites were supplied by KSB AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Germany. The complete overhaul of the pumps took place onsite by our Mechanical teams with in an outstanding period of time at the highest level of technical standards.


Our work in Nasseriyah (Talil) in 2005 included designing, supplying and constructing a water treatment plant with an RO system, potable water networks designing and constructing a sewage treatment plant, designing and laying sewage network system construction of accommodation units and utility units for a camp site, designing and installing fire fighting system with three pumping stations. This 436, 590 man-hour project was executed for Flour Amec Inc. who provided the highest level of appraisal for the works done by our company.

Steel structure and elevated storage tank design and erecting is one of the nabe al meena specialties. Warehouse facilities in Diyala, Baghdad, Thi-qar and Basrah have been designed and erected by our teams over the last 10 years.

Ground and elevated storage tanks for potable water and sewage treatment were erected in Thi-Qar, Diyala and Basrah with holding capacities ranging from 350 0 2500 m3.

Nabe al meena has completed the design and construction of many administration and residential structures in various locations in Iraq.

In addition to the construction and rehabilitation of a large number of Hospitals, primary health care centers and schools in 10 governorates.


“Top of the line” equipments and materials:

1.    Construction Material:

Nabe al meena uses internationally tested and certified cement, additives and epoxy curing resins involved in the concrete works. The ready mix concrete is produced onsite using Nabe almeena batch plants run by a highly experienced team of engineers and operators in addition to a specialized team in concrete curing and epoxy repairs and injection.

All construction materials including concrete blocks, bricks, sand, gravel and concrete slabs are subjected to laboratory tests at local University consultancy Bureaus before use in onsite.

Top quality emulsion, oul-based and acrylic paints are imported for the finishing works our company executes to give a final appearance and colors that last.

2.    Electrical equipment:

Nabe al meena deals directly with the leading electrical equipment manufacturer through their regional offices and facilities. Provision of HV, MV and LV electrical transformers, power and control cables, power and control boards, switch gears and generators are carried to the finest detail of specification.


3.    Mechanical equipment:

Nabe almeena deals directly with the leading mechanical equipment manufacturer through their regional offices and facilities. Provision of pumps, chlorine dosing systems, aerators, air blowers, screens, sluice gates and instrumentation are carried to the finest detail of specification.

4.    DI, GRP, UPVC and HDPE pipes and storage tanks:

Nabe al meena imports all pipes required to carry out projects from leading pipe and storage tank manufacturing companies.

5.    HVAC Equipment:

Nabe al meena imports all pipes required to carry out projects from leading HVAC manufacturing companies internationally and in the region.

Nabe al meena in the region

Nabe al meena operates out of 8 offices in the region. These entities complement each other by providing technical, logistical and financial support throughout the company. This setup adds to the power of each entity and the company in general by providing the maximum utilization of resources and personnel through continuous cooperation and multitasking.

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